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How I trade with Joe.

The first time I went to Trader Joe’s I bought everything!!! I walked around each section staring at every item they had. With all the unique foods, cute packaging, and prices for fruits and veggies, how could I stop myself? I have since learned to hold back a little. Although some of their buys can be quite costly, Trader Joe’s does offer some great buys on a bunch of items.

Here are a few things I regularly purchase and few I buy from time to time.

Apples- pink lady’s and granny smith


Baby bok choy


Brown rice cakes

Brown rice spaghetti

Canned tuna

Carrot juice


Chili spiced mangos

Cookie butter

Crunchy oats and honey bars

Dark chocolate nibs

Dark chocolate wedges

English cucumbers

Extra virgin olive oil

Fresh salsa

Frosted maple and brown sugar shredded bite size wheats

Honey apple butter

Hot and sweet mustard


Lemons/ Limes

Light coconut milk

Mini Pearl grape tomatoes

Nature’s path flax-plus granola cereal


Organic blue corn chips

Orange Muscat champagne vinegar

Organic popping corn

Organic sweet potatoes

Organic virgin coconut oil

Organic whole carrots

Pita chips

Pretzel slims

Pumpkin butter

Quinoa and black bean tortilla chips

Raw almonds


Wine (Love my 2 buck chuck!)



Here’s a picture of a few things I picked up from Trader Joe’s today.

If you have any Trader Joe’s favorites let me know. I would love to try them!


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